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autumn looks to die for

all images were fetched from my style pinboard!



tribal time

Since my time in Uganda I’ve had an itch for tribal prints for the fall. Check out some of my favorites.







What tribal print do YOU like best?

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Flat out

I am OBSESSED with flats. Any kind of flats really. Ballet flats, gladiator flats, planas… you name it, I love it. Honestly, I think it’s because of my unfortunate height (okay, I’m not THAT tall… but still). I have always been self conscious in heels because I tower over all of my friends and who wants to be that girl in photos? NOT I!

These are some of my favorite flats and looks that show off those awesome flats!

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Happy Monday everyone!


Pin of the Day

I couldn’t have said it better than the famous Julia Child. Stay active in the things you love to do. If you aren’t immersed and active in what you are passionate about… then maybe you are more passionate about what you are involved in than you realize!