Uganda- A blessed time

As most of you know I was in Uganda for the last few weeks. I got back Thursday night and have finally pulled myself to the computer screen to write a blog post about it. I think I was so hesitant to write a post because there is no way to put in words the time I had there. We spent many nights at crusades and speaking at schools and churches about the love of Christ. Just meeting the beautiful, welcoming, simplistic people in the towns we visited left me humbled to a new extent. We were able to see many people healed and released from bondages of sin and witchcraft.

Here is an excerpt from my journal entry from July 28th:

“I am amazed by the simplicity of life here. No hustle and bustle. No distractions from technology. Just life at the simplest I’ve seen it. No complaints.  No judgement. Just life, the way it is supposed to be lived.”

I wish I could go into every detail of the trip, but that would be a very, very long post that no one would read. So please join me in continually praying for the people in Uganda and their salvation. Pray for hope and peace that passes all understanding. God is actively working in the hearts of the Ugandans.


Update from Uganda

Just got internet access for the first time in over a week. We are leaving for the States tomorrow and I just wanted to give a quick update of our trip. We spent time in Iganga, Kampala, and Kaliro working with pastors, churches and schools. We also worked at crusades hosted by Africa Harvest Mission. This trip has been amazing at the least. I can’t wait to share pictures, videos and stories over the next few weeks with all of you. Thank you for your prayers and support while I have been here. Please continue to be praying for the ministries here and the Christians that are spreading the Gospel throughout Africa.

God Bless,


Tendons (the Release)

If you haven’t listened to Bellarive’s new album,  you are missing out. I highly encourage you to look them up on Spotify, and grab a nice cup of joe and just soak it all in. I am amazed at the beautiful, poetic lyrics. God has equipped them with so much talent and it is obvious how much they want to serve Christ through music.

Here is my favorite song from their new album: