The night before

As many of you know I am moving to Washington D.C. tomorrow. A 12 hour drive awaits me in the morning and if you asked if I’m looking forward to the move I would respond with a huge smile, giddy laugher and an enthusiastic, “YES!”  This was all before graduation. I’m sure most college graduates out there know the agitation that grows during the final semester of your college career and it feels like the excitement of throwing your cap up in the air is never going to happen.

It does. And it did.

Now, I’m excited to move to D.C., don’t get me wrong. But I am realizing the reality that awaits me. Being 12 hours from my closest family member, having to learn a new (big) city, only knowing a handfull of people, not being sure if your job is going to pay the bills… etc. Fear is trying to set in. My mind somehow wanders to these topics and feeds into the things that could go wrong or remind me that I’m only 21, I could never survive in a city.

But I know this; God has guided me to this place. He has opened doors, provided an amazing place to live, placed me within 15 minutes of my 3 best friends, provided a job (a fun one at that!) and the list could go on. As nervous as I am, a have an overwhelming sense of of peace about all of this.

I lived in the same house for 17 years, went to a university 2 hours away from home the size of my high school, have been taken care of up to this point. My life has been safe. This is a big step.

An adventure awaits. This is just the beginning of something greater. God is big. He has big plans for me, big plans for YOU.

See you in D.C.!


Things I’ve learned while interning

I am almost finished with my first internship. Now, I have to admit, going into this internship I was not very excited. After spending the past 3 months working with the staff at this marketing firm I have learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with such great people.

Here are a few things I have learned during my time as an intern:

  • Ask questions- Although it seemed weird and uncomfortable at first, I never hesitate to ask and ask again if I do not understand an assignment given. Internships are for LEARNING, you learn through experience and asking questions. If you don’t ask questions because you fell like a pest, you might do the assignment or task completely wrong… no bueno!
  • Be early- I was usually one of the first people in the office, and although I have not heard anything from my boss on if that made an impact or not, I am proud of myself for always being reliable and present in the mornings and putting in extra time (even if it was only 5 or 10 minutes).
  • Do as much as possible- before you start an internship, 3-4 months may seem like a long time, but it’s not! Time goes by fast and not having a lot to show for such a short time can be a let down for future employees. Always go the extra mile while working and be willing to be stretched.
  • Be thankful!- Not all college students take advantage of or get to do internships in their field. Be thankful for an opportunity to learn about your career.

last semester of college…

How did I get here???

I am leaving for my LAST semester of college. I never would have thought I’d be eager for, yet so afraid of the finish line. I’m probably not the only person who is surprised by my speedy finish since in high school academics were not a priority and it was expected that I would be on stage, performing rather than sticking my nose in the text books and trying to get into an ivy league school. Now, I definitely didn’t go to an ivy league school, but I have been challenged beyond my imagination at Southeastern.

I will be leaving for school in an hour or so and this semester has many promising, fun, scary, stressful things ahead. But I couldn’t me more ready to see what the rest of the year holds!

  • first real internship
  • first social media/marketing job
  • Catalyst Conference in Atlanta
  • New York getaway with Anna Marie
  • mission trip to Ireland
  • graduation

What events have you excited for the fall semester?

Are you internship-ready?

As the fall semester approaches and many college students will be spending their semester delivering coffee and filling their days with busy work, the same question keeps popping into my head; Are you internship-ready? I will be interning at a local Public Relations firm and since I have never really interned anywhere my nerves are bubbling up inside me. So here are some tips, not only for all of you, but also for myself:

Be professional. There is no way to bomb an internship if you focus on professionalism. Your boss will be impressed, especially for being as young as you are, that you are put together, prepared, and well-spoken.

Be on time. I am very, VERY punctual. My motto is, “If you are on time, you’re late.” Even if you are just 5 minutes earlier than your schedule time it shows commitment and maturity.

Ask questions. They best way learn how to improve is to ask how to improve. And don’t be afraid to ask how to do something like improving a press release. That is that an internship is for, learning.

Network, network, network. Internships are the perfect opportunity to make connections that you weren’t able to make pre-internship. You will meet big names and important people to your industry, make a good impression and make yourself unforgettable.

Get advice. Ask a former intern for the company for advice and tips on how to rock the internship.

Be organized. No one likes a disorganized worker, so don’t be a disorganized intern.

Exceed your assigned projects. Do more than you are asked to do. Work harder than your boss thinks you can. And since you are doing what you enjoy, it won’t seem like tedious work.

Get excited! Your internship is getting you one step closer to the career you have worked so hard for!


What are things that helped you survive your internship?


It is hard to believe there is only one semester of college left. I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would do a “semester in review” post… Yes, I am lame and a bit sappy, but HEY I’m only in college once. Here is a recap of this semester via Instagram photos:

Now it is time for finals and after that… summer intensive. Can’t wait to see June! June will be a month filled with weddings, traveling and kids galore!!!