New beginnings

A friend of mine is due to have a baby any day now! We celebrated the life that will soon join us at her “New Beginnings” celebration. This was not a baby shower… and I am obsessed with this home.

We are so excited to meet Emme!!

Stone hard talent

Last night I attended the Allen Stone show in Ybor City at the Orpheum. Needless to say I was VERY impressed by Allen and his openers. Joshua Michael Robinson (and a guest appearance by Aaron Marsh), ZZ Ward and Sugar and the Hi Lows opened for him and man… did they all know how to get a crowd going. I highly recommend Sugar and the Hi Lows! Go check them out if you haven’t heard their stuff! Allen was incredible. His vocal ability was unbelievable. If you’ve never seen him perform check out the video under the pics I posted!

Joshua Michael Robinson:

Sugar & the Hi Lows:

Allen Stone:


I am sure you have heard this song, but if you haven’t WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? Okay… That’s a bit harsh. I feel like I am going back into my teenage years with the music that is coming out and I am LOVING every second of it. Carly Rae Jepsen has blown me away with her song Call Me Maybe. I can’t stop listening to it and my head starts a-bobin’ every time!

And then there is One Direction… Oh my gosh. what a bunch of little hunks! They are coming to Florida this June and I am tempted to drop the $70 to go see them. I am reminded of my obsession with N’SYNC and want to return to that happy-go-lucky state of mind.

Source: Sound of the Day

Let’s just say music is getting good. With the Civil Wars and Bon Iver winning Grammys, now THIS? I’m lovin’ it.