instadiaries : DC edition


1. Christmas Eve in West Virgina!

2. My first snow!

3. Bethany came to visit us. We were tourists for the day!

3. The Union Market–Super cool, trendy place for great food!

4. Our friend Matt from Exiting the Fall stopped by for a visit

5. Anna and I went to the ZOO :))

6. Just a normal run for me… NBD (also, the night before the Inauguration)

7. Coffee talks with a new friend, co-worker and fellow coffee-dreamer. Nutella latte from Pound the Hill… YUM!


Pick of the Week


Who doesn’t love polaroid pictures? Maybe it’s the fact that the tune of Hey Ya seems to slip into your head and stay there for hours once that Polaroid print is placed in your hand and your urge to “shake it” seems un bearable. But we all must admit how great theses pictures are.


This weekend nine of us road-tripped up to Gainesville for a Labor Day get away. The past few days have been filled with beautiful and unforgettable moments. This weekend has remined me not only that I have a short time before I graduate, but I must make the most of every situation, conversation and interaction I have with people here. Here are just a few pictures (more to come) of the great weekend I had!

Another one of those summer posts…

Bon Iver!

It’s been a great summer so far. I can’t believe I will be back in Kampala, Uganda in less than one month! Although I had many great adventures up to this point in the summer, since work has started my spontaneous travels have lessened and although things may seem quite boring at times, knowing I will be going to Uganda is enough for me.

Where is your summer destination?

Nashville visit in snapshots

I am on vacation in Nashville, and although have not been as good as I hoped to be at taking photos of all the places I went, here are some of the places I have went from Atlanta to Franklin. And don’t worry, I still got Instagram pics to post later!

Enjoy : )