Pick of the Week


Who doesn’t love polaroid pictures? Maybe it’s the fact that the tune of Hey Ya seems to slip into your head and stay there for hours once that Polaroid print is placed in your hand and your urge to “shake it” seems un bearable. But we all must admit how great theses pictures are.


















1. my senior pictures

2. filming for TNL

3. stoopin’ on our stoop.

4. 3pm

5. ┬ácelebrating my dear friend’s birthday

6. the poor porker in downtown lakeland

7. polka dot pants

8. mitchell’s coffee in downtown lakeland//renew

The weekend[er]

Does anybody feel like they were made for the weekend and the weekend only? Well, I do. I hate wasting my weekends doing nothing. Although I am exhausted from the week, when else do you get a time when you can just adventure on with friends and family?! This weekend my mom came to visit and we explored downtown and did a bit of thrifting for my trip to Uganda. I also got to spend time with my beautiful Brianna in downtown Orlando!

Stone hard talent

Last night I attended the Allen Stone show in Ybor City at the Orpheum. Needless to say I was VERY impressed by Allen and his openers. Joshua Michael Robinson (and a guest appearance by Aaron Marsh), ZZ Ward and Sugar and the Hi Lows opened for him and man… did they all know how to get a crowd going. I highly recommend Sugar and the Hi Lows! Go check them out if you haven’t heard their stuff! Allen was incredible. His vocal ability was unbelievable. If you’ve never seen him perform check out the video under the pics I posted!

Joshua Michael Robinson:

Sugar & the Hi Lows:

Allen Stone: