life blurb

i wanted to let the blog world know:

i am going to Coffee Fest this weekend in NY.

i finished my first week of insanity and i feel great.

i bought tickets to texas, and while i am there i am scoping out competition for my coffee shop.

i love my job(s) and am possibly getting a temporary third job.

the Lord is surprising me each day.

i may be broke but i am so happy. money is nothing.

and although where i am living is not ideal and may not be my favorite place, i love the people that surround me every day and i am so lucky to be where i am.

embrace where you are. it’s where you are supposed to be.

(twenty two by twenty two update will come a bit late this week… SORRY!)


















1. my senior pictures

2. filming for TNL

3. stoopin’ on our stoop.

4. 3pm

5.  celebrating my dear friend’s birthday

6. the poor porker in downtown lakeland

7. polka dot pants

8. mitchell’s coffee in downtown lakeland//renew


This weekend nine of us road-tripped up to Gainesville for a Labor Day get away. The past few days have been filled with beautiful and unforgettable moments. This weekend has remined me not only that I have a short time before I graduate, but I must make the most of every situation, conversation and interaction I have with people here. Here are just a few pictures (more to come) of the great weekend I had!


Do you ever have those days when absolutely nothing is going on, no special occasion and it’s highly unlikely you are even going to leave the house but STILL want to look cute and presentable because… you can? Well, today was  one of those days. I left the house twice, once to get coffee and 7 hours later to pick up my mom from work… Uneventful day, right? Who cares! I snapped some photos of the outfit because I was in one of THOSE moods too, hah!