another day in the neighborhood

I hope everyone had a great Sunday! Mine was wonderful, thanks for asking. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm(er) day with a high of 54 in the city. Because it was so beautiful the Eastern Market was boomin’. I ended up strolling through 4 times on my way to and from church then on my way to and my friend’s house.

Each time I walk around Capital Hill I am amazed that this is my neighborhood, that I can see the capital from my house, I can walk to work, I can buy my produce at the local market each weekend and meet new people around every corner. To be honest I could go on for a while about how much I love living here… I will refrain and move on to the pictures.hill hill1 hill2 hill4 hill5 ^^3 for $12!!!!!!!^^hill6 hill7 hill8



It is hard to believe there is only one semester of college left. I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would do a “semester in review” post… Yes, I am lame and a bit sappy, but HEY I’m only in college once. Here is a recap of this semester via Instagram photos:

Now it is time for finals and after that… summer intensive. Can’t wait to see June! June will be a month filled with weddings, traveling and kids galore!!!