life blurb

i wanted to let the blog world know:

i am going to Coffee Fest this weekend in NY.

i finished my first week of insanity and i feel great.

i bought tickets to texas, and while i am there i am scoping out competition for my coffee shop.

i love my job(s) and am possibly getting a temporary third job.

the Lord is surprising me each day.

i may be broke but i am so happy. money is nothing.

and although where i am living is not ideal and may not be my favorite place, i love the people that surround me every day and i am so lucky to be where i am.

embrace where you are. it’s where you are supposed to be.

(twenty two by twenty two update will come a bit late this week… SORRY!)


The night before

As many of you know I am moving to Washington D.C. tomorrow. A 12 hour drive awaits me in the morning and if you asked if I’m looking forward to the move I would respond with a huge smile, giddy laugher and an enthusiastic, “YES!”  This was all before graduation. I’m sure most college graduates out there know the agitation that grows during the final semester of your college career and it feels like the excitement of throwing your cap up in the air is never going to happen.

It does. And it did.

Now, I’m excited to move to D.C., don’t get me wrong. But I am realizing the reality that awaits me. Being 12 hours from my closest family member, having to learn a new (big) city, only knowing a handfull of people, not being sure if your job is going to pay the bills… etc. Fear is trying to set in. My mind somehow wanders to these topics and feeds into the things that could go wrong or remind me that I’m only 21, I could never survive in a city.

But I know this; God has guided me to this place. He has opened doors, provided an amazing place to live, placed me within 15 minutes of my 3 best friends, provided a job (a fun one at that!) and the list could go on. As nervous as I am, a have an overwhelming sense of of peace about all of this.

I lived in the same house for 17 years, went to a university 2 hours away from home the size of my high school, have been taken care of up to this point. My life has been safe. This is a big step.

An adventure awaits. This is just the beginning of something greater. God is big. He has big plans for me, big plans for YOU.

See you in D.C.!

















1. my senior pictures

2. filming for TNL

3. stoopin’ on our stoop.

4. 3pm

5.  celebrating my dear friend’s birthday

6. the poor porker in downtown lakeland

7. polka dot pants

8. mitchell’s coffee in downtown lakeland//renew

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