The weekend[er]

Does anybody feel like they were made for the weekend and the weekend only? Well, I do. I hate wasting my weekends doing nothing. Although I am exhausted from the week, when else do you get a time when you can just adventure on with friends and family?! This weekend my mom came to visit and we explored downtown and did a bit of thrifting for my trip to Uganda. I also got to spend time with my beautiful Brianna in downtown Orlando!

Happy Saturday!

I spent my Saturday celebrating Mother’s Day a little early. My morning was filled with garage sale-ing and farmers marketing with my parents. All of that fun was followed by a few hours of situating my room. Even though I have been “moved in” since April, being away to university has been a bit of a complication for organizing and decorating. BUT it is slowly getting there! Here are some snapshots of my day!


farmers market finds:

bedroom progress:

Happy Saturday lovelies!