last semester of college…

How did I get here???

I am leaving for my LAST semester of college. I never would have thought I’d be eager for, yet so afraid of the finish line. I’m probably not the only person who is surprised by my speedy finish since in high school academics were not a priority and it was expected that I would be on stage, performing rather than sticking my nose in the text books and trying to get into an ivy league school. Now, I definitely didn’t go to an ivy league school, but I have been challenged beyond my imagination at Southeastern.

I will be leaving for school in an hour or so and this semester has many promising, fun, scary, stressful things ahead. But I couldn’t me more ready to see what the rest of the year holds!

  • first real internship
  • first social media/marketing job
  • Catalyst Conference in Atlanta
  • New York getaway with Anna Marie
  • mission trip to Ireland
  • graduation

What events have you excited for the fall semester?