and I love cheesy iStock photos! Look at that guy in the middle… He’s SO excited for graduation!


The Gospel House Tour strikes again!

Today my dear friend, Mason Gravely along with Michael Cruz and Jenson Martinelli set off on month long bike tour to Maine. They are biking north to raise money for The Gospel House located in Kampala, Uganda. Last summer Mason and his friend, Paul Austin biked from Alaska to Florida with the same goal. This morning the three took off in hopes of raising $10,000 for the house. I am so proud of them. Be praying for the three guys who left today. I will be returning to The Gospel House this summer with Mason and 5 others from our university to finish the Gospel House. God is going to do great things through this tour and our trip to Uganda!

Mason and his fellow intramural basketball teammate! (They won the championship!)

Mason, Michael and Jenson getting ready to head out!

And they are off!!

So proud of this man of God!

More updates to come!


It is hard to believe there is only one semester of college left. I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would do a “semester in review” post… Yes, I am lame and a bit sappy, but HEY I’m only in college once. Here is a recap of this semester via Instagram photos:

Now it is time for finals and after that… summer intensive. Can’t wait to see June! June will be a month filled with weddings, traveling and kids galore!!!