favorite flats

I am OBSESSED with flats right now… here are a few of my favorites from Forever 21!Flats

Flat out

I am OBSESSED with flats. Any kind of flats really. Ballet flats, gladiator flats, planas… you name it, I love it. Honestly, I think it’s because of my unfortunate height (okay, I’m not THAT tall… but still). I have always been self conscious in heels because I tower over all of my friends and who wants to be that girl in photos? NOT I!

These are some of my favorite flats and looks that show off those awesome flats!

Pictures link to source 🙂


Happy Monday everyone!


Do you ever have those days when absolutely nothing is going on, no special occasion and it’s highly unlikely you are even going to leave the house but STILL want to look cute and presentable because… you can? Well, today was  one of those days. I left the house twice, once to get coffee and 7 hours later to pick up my mom from work… Uneventful day, right? Who cares! I snapped some photos of the outfit because I was in one of THOSE moods too, hah!