another day in the neighborhood

I hope everyone had a great Sunday! Mine was wonderful, thanks for asking. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm(er) day with a high of 54 in the city. Because it was so beautiful the Eastern Market was boomin’. I ended up strolling through 4 times on my way to and from church then on my way to and my friend’s house.

Each time I walk around Capital Hill I am amazed that this is my neighborhood, that I can see the capital from my house, I can walk to work, I can buy my produce at the local market each weekend and meet new people around every corner. To be honest I could go on for a while about how much I love living here… I will refrain and move on to the pictures.hill hill1 hill2 hill4 hill5 ^^3 for $12!!!!!!!^^hill6 hill7 hill8


instadiaries : DC edition


1. Christmas Eve in West Virgina!

2. My first snow!

3. Bethany came to visit us. We were tourists for the day!

3. The Union Market–Super cool, trendy place for great food!

4. Our friend Matt from Exiting the Fall stopped by for a visit

5. Anna and I went to the ZOO :))

6. Just a normal run for me… NBD (also, the night before the Inauguration)

7. Coffee talks with a new friend, co-worker and fellow coffee-dreamer. Nutella latte from Pound the Hill… YUM!