what’s playing this week?

Smother by Daughters



I am sure you have heard this song, but if you haven’t WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? Okay… That’s a bit harsh. I feel like I am going back into my teenage years with the music that is coming out and I am LOVING every second of it. Carly Rae Jepsen has blown me away with her song Call Me Maybe. I can’t stop listening to it and my head starts a-bobin’ every time!

And then there is One Direction… Oh my gosh. what a bunch of little hunks! They are coming to Florida this June and I am tempted to drop the $70 to go see them. I am reminded of my obsession with N’SYNC and want to return to that happy-go-lucky state of mind.

Source: Sound of the Day

Let’s just say music is getting good. With the Civil Wars and Bon Iver winning Grammys, now THIS? I’m lovin’ it.